Meunier tu dors

A great classic and a must-know for all French-speaking children. It is also really nice as the children automatically control their speed by turning their hands slowly at first and then accelerating and turning as fast as they can along with the music. A nice variation is to turn your hands in one direction when singing “ton moulin, ton moulin va trop vite” and in the other for the second part “ton moulin, ton moulin va trop fort”.

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Meunier tu dors


Le Ouistiti

Another cute finger game is “le ouistiti”, it is a real treat and the its French name is a lot cuter than just plain “finger monkey”. In fact “ouistiti” is the French way of getting kids to say “cheese” for the camera:-)

Here is a video with song sheet along with the English translation.

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Le ouistiti


Un jour dans sa cabane

What a fun “comptine”(rhyme) and “jeu de mains”(play with hands) this is. Another favorite with the kids and they have even voted to add to our “spectacle de noël” (Christmas show). The little ones have a hard time with it at the beginning, but the more you repeat it the braver they become and you will sure be glad to have stuck with it.

You will find attached a video from Médiathèques Antony and a translated lyric and coloring sheet of the rhyme.

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Un jour dans sa cabane