L’hirondelle et le papillon

“C’est le printemps!” (It’s Spring!) It’s been gray and gloomy for so long that the last couple days of sunshine have transported me to the caribbean and we seem to be rocking to quite a few island tunes lately. But we are veering back to more traditional tunes with this beautiful song by Henri Dès about a “papillon” (butterfly) who has just come out of its cocoon and is about to get eaten by “une hirondelle” (a swallow). However the singer does not want the beautiful butterfly to suffer such an unfortunate fate and rewrites the song a couple of times until he finds a satisfactory ending. After all, let the swallow eat “les mouches” (flies) “et les araignées” (spiders) instead.

L’hirondelle et le papillon

L'hirondelle et le papillon


L’école de la forêt

This is the poem I am using this year to introduce the French alphabet to my students. I started with my elementary students but my Kindergarteners really enjoyed it as well so while I’m at it I will try it tomorrow with my 4 year old preschoolers:-)

You will find the poem and activities related to it on www.fiche-maternelle.com

Here is a translation of the poem:

L’école de la forêt (the school of the forest)

A l’école de la forêt on répète l’alphabet (in the school of the forest, we repeat the alphabet)

La souris lance les dés, ABCD (the mouse throws the dice)

Le chat frise ses moustaches, EFGH (the cat curls his whiskers)

La grenouille grimpe à l’échelle, IJKL (the frog climbs the ladder)

Le pivert commence à taper, MNOP (the woodpecker starts knocking)

La cigale préfère chanter, QRST (the cicada prefers to sing)

Le perroquet vient d’arriver, UVW (the parrot has just arrived)

Tous répètent sans qu’on les aide, XYZ (All repeat without help)


On chuchote

Bonne année 2015!! Happy New Year 2015!!

What a return to school! We spent more time playing than anything else. The children had a hard time returning to the class routine and I spent more time reminding them to whisper and keep their indoor voices. I sang “on chuchote” at least 3 times each day and thank goodness, it always worked.

Here is the lyric sheet with English translation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 9.52.19 AM

on chuchote


Guest blog on Dr Jean!!

Yippee!!! I was invited to guest blog for Dr Jean’s blog and she has posted my article on her blog!! Super!

I wrote about translating her songs into French and our class favorite “Tchic et Tchac” (Tooty ta). Songs really are a great conduit for learning a new language, both for children and adults. Hers are catchy and stick fast, and she is a really sweet lady too. She took her time to respond to me and advise me on how to make a post more interesting (pictures, pictures). I’ve got some work to do.

Thank you Dr Jean, here is the post on her blog.




Le bonhomme de neige

This is what I have in store for my students next week. We focused on “le père noël” (santa) and “le sapin” (Christmas tree) this week so now for the much awaited “bonhomme de neige” (snowman).

Yet another translation of a Super simple learning song “I’m a little snowman”. The most exciting part of this lesson is an Olaf worksheet I found on Pinterest posted by The activity mom. The children incessantly sing “Let it go” at recess and I have had to watch Frozen half a dozen times to stay hip in their eyes. I think we are in for a lot of fun.

Here are the lyric sheet with translation, the video and Olaf worksheet:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.04.15 PM

Le bonhomme de neige

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.06.50 PM

Olaf worksheet