Meunier tu dors

A great classic and a must-know for all French-speaking children. It is also really nice as the children automatically control their speed by turning their hands slowly at first and then accelerating and turning as fast as they can along with the music. A nice variation is to turn your hands in one direction when singing “ton moulin, ton moulin va trop vite” and in the other for the second part “ton moulin, ton moulin va trop fort”.

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Meunier tu dors


Cherchez-moi coucou, coucou

This is a fun little song about a little rabbit hiding behind a cabbage and teasing the farmer to come find him.

I turned it into a “jeu de main” (hand game) because it’s been a while since we’ve done one and the kids loved it!

Here’s the video and lyric sheet.

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cherchez-moi coucou


Au revoir

This is how we close the class each day. We all return to “le tapis” (the carpet) after cleaning up, we sit and sing in echo. It is a fun way to mark the end of school day and a calm way to return the children to their parents:-)

I translated the song from Super Simple Songs “See you later alligator”.

Here is the lyric sheet with a dot to dot picture from nounousandrine.

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Au revoir


Le Ouistiti

Another cute finger game is “le ouistiti”, it is a real treat and the its French name is a lot cuter than just plain “finger monkey”. In fact “ouistiti” is the French way of getting kids to say “cheese” for the camera:-)

Here is a video with song sheet along with the English translation.

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Le ouistiti


Bonjour les rennes

In my continued search for songs relevant to the current project and target vocabulary I am spending more and more time creating and translating songs. This time, for Christmas, I translated one of my favorites from Super Simple Learning.
This website was a Godsend when I was a preschool English teacher and now that I teach French I realize there really is no ressource like theirs. They create songs especially for English language learners. How I wish I could find the same ressource for French language learners. Until then I will keep translating (for as long as none of the original creators get offended). So here is my take on Super Simple Learning’s “Hello Reindeer”.

You will find below the lyric sheet and coloring page (pictures also courtesy of Super Simple Learning) along with a video of the translated song.

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Bonjour les rennes


Tchic et tchac

Boy do the kids love this song. If your lesson feels stale, your students are suffering from cabin fever being stuck indoors or you just want to have a good laugh and jump around, this song is the teaching Doctor’s prescription.

Tchic et tchac is the French version of “Tooty ta” by Dr Jean.

Here is a video from French teacher Johanna Gardner taken on her tour of France on her search of local and folkloric children’s songs and poems.