Spectacle de Noël

Yay the holidays:-)!! We had our “spectacle de Noël” (Christmas show) on Thursday and it all went wonderfully. The kids sang beautifully, the parents brought great snacks and the party was warm and fun.

The kids worked well on their “bonhommes de neige” (snowmen), “étoiles” (stars) and songs. We sang Bonjour les rennes, Un jour dans sa cabane (which each child playing a different instrument), Mon bonhomme de neige, Ouistiti and Au revoir.

Here is a picture of the class decorated for our “spectacle”.

IMG_4867 IMG_4869 IMG_4870 IMG_4871 IMG_4872

We had our own take on an advent calendar with a countdown to the spectacle on December 18th. It was long but the kids were so excited to see day of the spectacle finally arrive that it all felt worth it. Hard work does pay off:-)


Guest blog on Dr Jean!!

Yippee!!! I was invited to guest blog for Dr Jean’s blog and she has posted my article on her blog!! Super!

I wrote about translating her songs into French and our class favorite “Tchic et Tchac” (Tooty ta). Songs really are a great conduit for learning a new language, both for children and adults. Hers are catchy and stick fast, and she is a really sweet lady too. She took her time to respond to me and advise me on how to make a post more interesting (pictures, pictures). I’ve got some work to do.

Thank you Dr Jean, here is the post on her blog.