L’école de la forêt

This is the poem I am using this year to introduce the French alphabet to my students. I started with my elementary students but my Kindergarteners really enjoyed it as well so while I’m at it I will try it tomorrow with my 4 year old preschoolers:-)

You will find the poem and activities related to it on www.fiche-maternelle.com

Here is a translation of the poem:

L’école de la forêt (the school of the forest)

A l’école de la forêt on répète l’alphabet (in the school of the forest, we repeat the alphabet)

La souris lance les dés, ABCD (the mouse throws the dice)

Le chat frise ses moustaches, EFGH (the cat curls his whiskers)

La grenouille grimpe à l’échelle, IJKL (the frog climbs the ladder)

Le pivert commence à taper, MNOP (the woodpecker starts knocking)

La cigale préfère chanter, QRST (the cicada prefers to sing)

Le perroquet vient d’arriver, UVW (the parrot has just arrived)

Tous répètent sans qu’on les aide, XYZ (All repeat without help)

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