Le tour de mon jardin

A fun little finger play with our face which is our garden and home.

Le tour de mon jardin

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Il était une fermière

Oh we are finding such fun new songs this year! This is a great one to learn a short choreography to as you are mimicking the story. It’s a farmer lady who is carrying on her head, three apples in a basket. The apples fall “rouliroula” and then stop! Three steps forward, three steps back, three steps on one side and three steps on the other side. And repeat!

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Chansons du printemps

This is our playlist for spring, to which we dance, sing along, play and enjoy our meal times. We were also hoping that it would motivate “le soleil” to come out a little more often:-)

Danse pour un petit poussin 


Papillon volé (A song from Guadeloupe about a butterfly that flies) 


L’hirondelle et le papillon 


And for those of us who are fans of Jacques Brel, here is his beautiful song about Spring “Au Printemps” 


L’hirondelle et le papillon

“C’est le printemps!” (It’s Spring!) It’s been gray and gloomy for so long that the last couple days of sunshine have transported me to the caribbean and we seem to be rocking to quite a few island tunes lately. But we are veering back to more traditional tunes with this beautiful song by Henri Dès about a “papillon” (butterfly) who has just come out of its cocoon and is about to get eaten by “une hirondelle” (a swallow). However the singer does not want the beautiful butterfly to suffer such an unfortunate fate and rewrites the song a couple of times until he finds a satisfactory ending. After all, let the swallow eat “les mouches” (flies) “et les araignées” (spiders) instead.

L’hirondelle et le papillon

L'hirondelle et le papillon